Farmers using GPS, advanced technologies to boost agricultural sector

In an attempt to modernize the country’s agriculture industry, Bhutan has been constantly using upgraded technology including advanced drones and GPS to monitor crop and soil health.

Farmers here are determined to manage their crops more effectively using precision agriculture, which lets them make informed decisions about crop management, increase efficiency and minimize waste. The country has adopted hydroponic farming a method that involves growing crops in a controlled environment using nutrient-rich water instead of soil. This technology helps local farmers grow crops more efficiently, reduces water usage, and provides year-round food security.

The government has also launched Initiatives to provide farmers with access to information and resources. Farmers are being trained to use new technologies. Information centres have been established where farmers can learn about best practices for crop management and other relevant topics. The country can improve the productivity and sustainability of the agriculture sector and make it more efficient and resilient by using these technologies. These initiatives by the government to support farmers will definitely provide a boost to the sector and the country as a whole.

As Bhutan is on its way to graduating from the Least Development Countries status by June 2023, these initiatives will help boost the economy further.

To graduate the status, countries are expected to follow a smooth transition strategy. Macroeconomic stability, product space diversification, and disaster resilience are some of the parameters recommended for inclusion in Bhutan’s transition strategy.

According to officials, a change in the country’s status will not affect the country’s foreign aid support. The graduation’s impact will mainly be seen in three LDC-specific international support measures (ISM) related to international trade, development cooperation (ODA) and contributions to the funding of the UN system, support for travel to official meetings, scholarships, and research grants.

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