Turning Trash into Cash: The Story of Tshering Dorji’s Waste Business

Meet Tshering Dorji, the young social entrepreneur who is driving transformation in Trashiyangtse. With an unwavering determination to bring a sustainable business solution to clean up towns, Tshering started his waste business in Doksum back in 2009, despite initial criticism from many who deemed it a bad idea.

Having grown up in Phuentsholing, Tshering was no stranger to the waste business. However, finding investors for his venture proved to be a challenge, until the Loden Foundation provided him with the necessary funding to launch his business in Thimphu.

Although the business did not work out well in Thimphu, Tshering persisted and established a centre in Mongar. While he made money from the business, he found that it wasn’t benefiting the community. This prompted him and his wife to become equal partners and take a loan to establish the business in Doksum, where they could make a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Despite facing criticism and opposition from friends and family, Tshering remained focused and disciplined in his mission to create a cleaner environment for Bhutan. He believes that waste will remain a problem if the people do not change their mindset and that whole-hearted support from the government is crucial.

As the only waste entrepreneur in Trashiyangtse today, Tshering’s business has created income-earning opportunities for the local people while making the town much cleaner than it was a few years ago. With plans to buy more machines and expand his business, Tshering is eager to do more if given financial support.

In recognition of his efforts, Tshering was awarded the people’s choice leader in Bhubaneshwar, India by the International Youth Committee in 2017, and the Asia Inspiration Awards Sri Lanka in the following year. For Tshering, waste management is not just a profit initiative, but a social responsibility to educate people on how to manage their own waste and create a better environment for all.

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