Women entrepreneurs’ tailoring business faring well in Nanglam, Pema Gatshel

It is not often that people who undergo training implement the knowledge they acquire from such training into action. However, in Nganglam Dungkhag under Pema Gatshel, a group of housewives who received a three-month tailoring training are now one of the newest tailors in the town. The tailoring business they started some seven months ago is now successfully running.

Five women, all from Nganglam, started the business in September of last year.

They learned how to stitch kira, tego, wonju, Kuthang or scroll painting, among others, and then started their business.

“We decided to form a group so that the government’s budget that was spent for the training will not be in waste. So, we have formed a group and we are working these days,” said Phuntsho Seldon, one of the tailors.

“Some people do establish a business after attending training but some do not. And we thought it is not good to waste government resources,” said Sherab Zangmo, another tailor.

Since they only received basic training, they are not able to stitch gho and western garments.

“If we are provided with training on to learn how to stitch pants and shirts, we will attend it. We would be thankful if we get this opportunity,” said Phuntsho Seldon.

According to the group, besides the earning from the tailoring shop, the Youth Engagement and Livelihood Programme provides Nu 5,000 every month for a year. This is to sustain the business

Today there are more than five tailoring shops in Nganglam town.

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