Sought After University Courses in the US

With the board exams just around the corner, students might be perplexed over the decision to choose the path in order to further their career or even question what career to choose for that matter. We have always heard our teachers, parents and well-wishers tell us to aim higher, and in a world as competitive as ours, students seldom have the choice to not go the extra mile.

Even so, the options that are available today, make it extremely overwhelming for fresh graduates to choose from and often cause a lot of anxiety and bewilderment.

The world is a pool of opportunities and true knowledge and clear envisioning of one’s objectives is key to harnessing the true potential for a successful career.

Most of the top destinations for pursuing higher studies lie in the west with reputed Ivy League colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, and Yale in the United States or the infamous League Research Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburg, and Geneva in the European continent amongst others along with the reputed STEM Universities such as California Institute of Technology (CalTech) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

If you are looking to study in the west after 12th, here is a list of the five most sought-after courses for students to choose from in order to enhance their careers.

1. STEM: The most popular courses to study abroad after 12th that also almost always guarantees a high-paying foothold after graduation are STEM courses. STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The courses to study under STEM are all related to science and include courses in Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and everything else in between. 

STEM consists of an array of courses to opt from like Engineering (Aeronautical, Chemical, Mechanical, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc), Medicine, Astro Physics, Microbiology, Neuroscience etc.

2. Business Administration: This includes courses like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration. The reason why Business Administration is one of the most popular courses for students to study is that it provides a high scope for growth as it is designed to fit into a variety of roles within an organisation. The skill set that the course helps an individual develop and/or amplify is phenomenal and assists an individual to manoeuvre through the corporate spectrum quite smoothly.

3. Law: An intellectually challenging course, the law is fascinating and is a broad discipline. The job itself comes with a great sense of fulfilment for the individual who decides to pursue it. Universities in the west, especially in the United Kingdom (UK) are prestigious for their curriculum on the law.

4. Literature: For all the bookworms and romantics, literature is the perfect course. The curriculum is built in such a way that it helps the respective individual develop a plethora of knowledge about not only fiction and poetry but literary history, drama, vocabulary and so much more. The scope of the discipline is extremely vast and interesting. The United Kingdom, being the home of most of the greatest authors of all time is infamous for the study of literature.

5. Visual Arts: Visual Arts is a course that aims at the intricate studying of art forms and developing techniques that spew and inculcate creativity. The basics of all art forms are a focus in this discipline and are taught in an extensively curated course. People with a zing for creativity are perfect for the course. Along with developing the basics of art, an individual is challenged to unleash the most of their creativity and identify beauty in the most minute details of everyday mundane life.

One of the most famous art galleries and museums sits in the west like the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (Mets), the Louvre Museum, and The Van Gogh Museum amongst others.

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