KHENG amphitheatre brings life to Zhemgang

Zhemgang’s otherwise silent town came to life during His Majesty The King’s Birth Anniversary holidays after a new amphitheatre was opened. Residents say it will not only provide a platform for talented youth but also bring entertainment and cultural enrichment to them.

Local artists, young and old took the stage and performed various songs and dances during His Majesty‘s Birth Anniversary celebrations. Many said it gives them a dedicated space to showcase their talents and connect with the community.

“In the past, we could perform on stage only after a selection process but now we can do it openly as and when we are interested,” said Sangay Lhamo, a resident.

“Such kind of platform inspires us to hone our talents. So, we are thrilled to have this open amphitheatre,” said Sangay Wangden, a student at Zhemgang Primary School.

Sangay Bidha, a resident said, “Before this new amphitheatre was built, we used to perform near the Dzong or in the school multi-purpose hall. But now with this open stage available, it is comfortable to perform.”

Elderly people who came together to witness the performances said the availability of such a facility will bring positive development that can contribute to their overall well-being and also engage the youth.

Lham Dorji, a resident said, “The establishment of the space has huge potential for our youths to develop their talents and hone new artistic dreams. So, we are very much thrilled that it will benefit our rural youths of Zhemgang in the future.”

Officials from the district administration said the new amphitheatre will continue to host a wide range of performances, including music concerts, dance recitals and theatre production.

It was constructed at a cost of about Nu 3 M by the district administration. It can accommodate more than a thousand people.

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