Local Talents Shine Bright at Norbugang Festival Honoring His Majesty The King’s Birthday

Norbugang Gewog in Samtse came alive with the vibrant beats of local talents as thousands gathered for a three-day mega festival celebrating the birthday of His Majesty The King. Organized by the Norbugang Business Community, the event not only honored the auspicious occasion but also served as a platform to uplift emerging talents from Bhutan.

Unlike typical music festivals, this extravaganza solely showcased the rich pool of Bhutanese talent, fostering a sense of community pride and celebration. Residents from various corners of Samtse joined hands to revel in the festivities and immerse themselves in performances by both renowned and budding artists hailing from Thimphu and Samtse.

Reflecting on the significance of such platforms, SK Lee, vocalist of The Sixth Sense Revival, expressed gratitude for the opportunity, highlighting its role in inspiring and nurturing young talents. “It’s a great opportunity for us. When we get such opportunities, we feel encouraged. And if we can organize such events, this will immensely help in grooming young talents,” Lee remarked.

Bassist Ganesh Gajamer echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the privilege of participating in events that pave the way for aspiring artists. “I feel privileged to take part in such events which can encourage emerging young artists and help them get a break in the music industry,” Gajamer shared.

For local artist Anand Rai, the festival represented more than just a stage; it symbolized hope and inspiration for budding talents. “It is a really good opportunity for local artists like us, and it gives us experiences to perform and it will inspire aspiring artists as well,” Rai remarked, emphasizing the event’s role in nurturing Bhutan’s artistic landscape.

The support extended by the local business community of Norbugang Gewog underscores a collective effort to promote grassroots talents and celebrate the monarch’s birthday in a meaningful manner. Event organizer Deo Kumar Kafley elucidated on the event’s broader objectives, emphasizing its potential to steer the younger generation away from detrimental paths. “One of the main motives is to promote local guys who are into music. Maybe who knows, one day they might take music as a career. And we have the younger generation who are into alcohol and drugs, and we intend that through such events, they would be kept engaged while having a good time,” Kafley explained.

With around 10 artists from Thimphu and Samtse gracing the festival, the organizers are already contemplating its return next year, poised to continue its legacy of nurturing talent and fostering community spirit. As the echoes of music fade and memories linger, the Norbugang Festival stands as a testament to Bhutan’s rich cultural tapestry and the enduring spirit of its people.

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