Cyber Sangha: Khyentse Foundation Launches Innovative Web Platform

In a significant move towards modernization, the Khyentse Foundation, under the visionary guidance of Bhutanese lama, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, has launched a revamped web platform. The announcement, made on 29th March, heralds a new era of accessibility and engagement with the rich tapestry of projects and initiatives dedicated to advancing the Buddhadharma.

The Foundation, established in 2001, has been a steadfast beacon in promoting the teachings of Buddha across diverse communities and traditions. Their activities span a wide spectrum, encompassing text preservation, support for monastic education, scholarship programs, and the nurturing of Buddhist studies globally.

Speaking on the significance of the revamped website, the Foundation expressed their aim to disseminate inspiring stories behind their multifaceted projects. From aiding monks and nuns in monasteries to fostering creativity that promotes Buddhism, the Foundation’s endeavors reflect a commitment to upholding and enriching the Buddhadharma.

The updated website boasts several features geared towards enhancing user experience and accessibility. A dedicated newsroom will offer a repository of current articles, archives, and series of stories, providing insights into the Foundation’s ongoing work. Interactive maps showcase the global reach of the Khyentse Foundation community, emphasizing its profound impact across borders. Additionally, an intuitive search tool ensures effortless navigation through the wealth of content, while pathways highlight individuals and projects with equitable importance.

One of the most anticipated features includes a series focusing on profiles of grant and scholarship recipients, shedding light on the transformative impact of their contributions to Buddhist study and practice. Moreover, plans for future enhancements include a curated collection of video content and an extensive archive documenting the Foundation’s two-decade journey.

Reflecting on the Foundation’s evolution, Rinpoche emphasized the imperative of adapting to the changing landscape of the modern world. The dynamic nature of society, marked by shifting moral, spiritual, and emotional values, necessitates a responsive approach. The Foundation’s commitment to gliding through these changes underscores its resilience and dedication to serving the evolving needs of humanity.

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, born in Bhutan in 1961, embodies a lineage steeped in wisdom and compassion. As the immediate incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö, Rinpoche’s multifaceted initiatives extend beyond the Khyentse Foundation, encompassing projects like 84000 and Lotus Outreach. His literary contributions and cinematic endeavors have earned him renown both within and beyond the Buddhist community, cementing his legacy as a leading light in contemporary spirituality.

As the “mother country” of the Buddha, India is vitally important to Khyentse Foundation’s mission to preserve and promote Buddha’s wisdom. India enabled, nurtured, and provided the space for Shakyamuni Buddha to attain enlightenment and share the fruits and secrets of his awakening with the world.

Khyentse Foundation India (KF India) was established to expand the reach and effectiveness of Khyentse Foundation’s activities in India. Officially incorporated by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2011, KF India is dedicated to the preservation of the Buddha’s heritage as part of India’s wisdom tradition in his home and heartland. Implementing projects and collaborating with local organizations and individuals, KF India hopes to reacquaint Indians with the teachings of the Buddha. With guidance from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and our India Program Committee, KF India provides funds for projects throughout India, from small village Buddhist activities to long-term university professorships.

The launch of the revamped website marks a pivotal moment in the Khyentse Foundation’s journey, bridging the timeless wisdom of the Buddhadharma with the demands of the digital age. As the Foundation continues to navigate the currents of change, its unwavering commitment to nurturing the seeds of enlightenment remains a beacon of hope for seekers worldwide.

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