Additional doctor and services in Daga Hospital benefit thousands in Dagana

The deployment of an additional doctor and installation of X-ray and ultrasound machines in Daga Hospital in Dagana has benefitted the people of Dagana town and three nearby gewogs. In the past, they had to travel for hours either to Dagapela or Damphu Hospital in Tsirang to avail themselves of the services.

The 10-bedded hospital received the X-ray machine last year but the services were made available this year. And it started providing ultrasound-related services some two years ago.

In a month, more than 70 patients avail themselves of the X-ray and ultrasound services.

“Earlier, we had to travel to Dagapela Hospital for these treatments. We faced challenges like not getting timely services due to transportation problems. With both X-ray and ultrasound facilities here in Daga Hospital, we are benefitted,” said Tshering Dorji, a resident.

“Having an ultrasound machine in Dagana has helped the people here immensely,” said Nima Tshering, another resident.

In the Outpatient Department or OPD, the waiting time for the patients has been reduced with an additional doctor. Today, there are two doctors in the hospital. Moreover, the doctor’s workload has also been reduced.

“For the past few months, we have been providing x-ray facilities to the patients. With this, the referral cases to higher centres have been greatly reduced. Also, we have been providing ultrasound facilities for the last one and a half years. With this facility, the referral of pregnant women has been reduced. Along with that, we have also other facilities in the lab like a bio-haematology analyzer,” said Dr Dilli Ram Adhikari, Medical Officer of Daga Hospital.

The health ministry provided the machines with the support of Asian Development Bank. The hospital was upgraded from a primary health centre in 2020.

Krishna Ghalley, Dagana

Edited by Tshering Zam

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