Bhutan endorses five declarations at the COP28 Summit

Bhutan has endorsed five declarations ranging from sustainable agriculture to health, and renewable energy at the Conference of Parties or COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, in a powerful demonstration of global solidarity, governments, businesses, investors, and philanthropies have announced over USD 57bn across the climate agenda in just the first four days of COP28.

One of the early declarations, which Bhutan endorsed at the COP28 is the UAE Declaration on Climate and Health.

The declaration on climate and health is a commitment to meet and collaborate on policies, health systems, response to the impact of climate, reducing waste, curbing emissions, sharing best practices, and more.

The declaration acknowledges the large benefits to people’s health from stronger climate action, including reducing air pollution and lowering healthcare costs.

On the other hand, Bhutan endorsed the Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Action.

A high-level session will convene on the 10th of December with dignitaries and ministerial leadership around the Emirates Declaration to discuss the paths, modalities, and opportunities involved in its implementation.

From Bhutan, the secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will attend the high-level session.

Bhutan also endorsed the Global Cooling Pledge.

The Global Cooling Pledge, led by COP28 host the United Arab Emirates, is designed to make things like air conditioners, deep freezers, and heat-dissipating homes more affordable, especially in developing countries.

Similarly, Bhutan endorsed the Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge. Under this pledge, 116 countries have agreed to triple worldwide installed renewable energy generation capacity to at least 11,000 gigawatts.

The pledge also looks at doubling the global average annual rate of energy efficiency improvements from around two per cent to more than four per cent ever year until 2030.

And finally, Bhutan also endorsed the Coalition for High Ambition Multi-level Partnerships.

The coalition pledges to collaborate with subnational governments on climate strategies, maximizing efforts to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C and enhance adaptation.

In addition, new pledges and declarations made at COP28 have received historic support, over USD 57bn has so far been announced in the first four days.

Countries have made pledges of over USD 700 M to the loss and damage fund.

Almost USD 8bn have been pledged towards food security, nature, health, and water.

Countries have also promised USD 2.5bn to the renewable energy development.

And for climate finance, countries have pledged to contribute over USD 30bn.

For now, these are just pledges and we will have to see how many of them will walk the talk. The COP28 ends on the 12th of December.

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