Gelephu Landmark Water Project Alleviates Water Woes

In a significant stride towards addressing the persistent issue of safe drinking water scarcity, the inauguration of the Gelephu Landmark Water Project has brought immense relief to residents of Gelephu thromde and surrounding areas. After enduring years of water shortages, particularly acute during the monsoon season, over 12,000 residents now enjoy continuous access to clean water, marking a transformative change in their daily lives.

Situated approximately 7km from Gelephu town, the water project in Dechenpelri (Edi) has emerged as a beacon of hope for communities grappling with water insecurities. This landmark initiative not only caters to the needs of the population within the thromde but also extends its benefits to parts of Dechenpelri in Samtenling gewog.

The project, covering five out of six constituencies within the Gelephu Throm, has been meticulously designed to ensure round-the-clock water supply, a stark departure from the sporadic availability experienced in the past. According to officials from the Gelephu Thromde administration, the project signifies a substantial improvement in water accessibility, marking a pivotal moment in the region’s development trajectory.

Samtenling Gewog, receiving over a million liters of water daily, has witnessed a significant upliftment in water provision, primarily benefiting the upper Dechenpelri village. Efforts are underway to extend this crucial lifeline to the lower Dechenpelri area, a testament to the project’s commitment to inclusivity and equitable distribution of resources.

Acknowledging the project’s impact, Dechenpelri Tshogpa Karma Tenzin expressed optimism, noting that the water project has already addressed a considerable portion of the water scarcity issue in his chiwog. Tenzin further emphasized ongoing efforts to ensure comprehensive coverage, highlighting the imminent resolution of remaining households’ water woes.

However, challenges persist, with Tenzin highlighting the scarcity of pipes as a bottleneck in the project’s progress. Discussions between Samtenling gewog and Gelephu gewog aim to leverage idle pipes from previous projects, underscoring the collaborative spirit essential for sustainable development initiatives.

For decades, residents of Dechenpelri relied on precarious water sources prone to landslides, imposing significant burdens on the community. The introduction of the Gelephu Landmark Water Project signifies a departure from such vulnerabilities, ushering in an era of stability and resilience.

With over 160 households in Dechenpelri Chiwog benefiting from robust infrastructure upgrades, the project’s holistic approach ensures long-term sustainability and community empowerment. Moreover, ongoing pipeline installations in Gelephu gewog underscore a concerted effort to address lingering water shortages comprehensively.

While the project marks a significant milestone in Gelephu’s development narrative, challenges persist in certain pockets, such as Jampeling Demkhong, where sporadic water supply remains a concern for residents. Despite assurances from authorities, the community advocates for enhanced measures to meet growing demands effectively.

The water treatment plant at Mauchhu stands as a testament to the project’s resilience, offering an alternative water supply source during adverse weather conditions. With a capacity to process 12 million liters of water per day, the treatment facility ensures adherence to international standards of water quality and safety.

Inaugurated in December 2023, the Gelephu Landmark Water Project embodies a paradigm shift in addressing water insecurities, underscoring the transformative potential of collaborative endeavors. With its completion, the project not only quenches the region’s thirst but also paves the way for sustainable development and resilience against future challenges.

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