Singapore Awards Prestigious Nursing Scholarship to 66 Bhutanese Students

In an exciting development for aspiring healthcare professionals in Bhutan, 66 talented students have been selected to receive the highly coveted Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS) in Singapore. The scholarship, which offers full funding for nursing studies, was established three years ago and has seen remarkable success. A formal agreement between the recipients and Singapore’s Ministry of Health Holdings was signed in Thimphu yesterday, marking a significant milestone in these students’ journeys towards a rewarding career in nursing.

As part of the ANS program, the Bhutanese students will commence their studies at a renowned college in Singapore in April of next year. Upon completion of their rigorous three-year diploma course, they will undertake a six-year commitment to work within Singaporean hospitals. This unique bond will not only provide invaluable practical experience but also contribute to the development of healthcare in Singapore.

The selection process for the scholarship is highly competitive and rigorous. Candidates’ performance in their class 12 examinations is a crucial factor, with a minimum score of 70 percent required in science, English, and mathematics. Students who did not pursue mathematics in twelfth grade are evaluated based on their class X mathematics results, provided the score exceeds 70 percent. Additionally, candidates must undergo an English language proficiency test followed by a final oral interview, ensuring that the most deserving individuals are chosen for this exceptional opportunity.

Rinchen Khandu Namgyel, one of the fortunate scholarship recipients, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I believe this is a very good opportunity for me to grow and learn so many new things in a way that can also help my career. But not only for my career but also to help my country after a couple of years when I am done studying. Not only will I study hard but work even harder to help the country to the best of my abilities after I am done with the scholarship.” Tshering Zangmo, another scholarship recipient, echoed this sentiment, saying, “ANS is a platform to reach the other world. So, I am very happy, grateful to the Singaporean team for giving me the opportunity.”

The significance of this achievement is not lost on the proud parents of these talented students. Ugyen Tshering, a parent, shared his delight, saying, “I am really happy for my daughter who is one of the recipients of the scholarship. This is a rare opportunity, and 66 students have been granted the nursing scholarship. For that, we parents are exceedingly happy.”

Singapore has made a noteworthy decision to increase the intake of Bhutanese students this year, doubling the number of students from 34 to 66. This expansion is a testament to the remarkable performance of the first batch of Bhutanese students who are currently in their second year of studies in Singapore. Karman Yuen, the deputy director of the Healthcare Manpower Division in Singapore, explained, “One of the reasons why we have increased the number that we want to offer is because of the first batch of Bhutanese students, 11 of them did very well in their academic performances.”

This year’s batch of 66 students brings the total number of Bhutanese students studying nursing in Singapore through the ANS program to an impressive 111. The Ministry of Education and Skills Development announces this life-changing scholarship opportunity annually, opening doors for Bhutanese youth to pursue their dreams of a fulfilling career in nursing.

The Singaporean Nursing Scholarship has become a beacon of hope and an invaluable platform for Bhutanese students to acquire world-class education and make meaningful contributions to healthcare, both within Singapore and upon their return to their homeland. As these aspiring nurses embark on their educational journey, we applaud their dedication and wish them success in their pursuit of excellence in the field of nursing.

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