YDF opens futsal ground in Gelephu

To promote healthy lifestyle and learning for the growing youth population in Gelephu, the Youth Development Fund has opened its Nazhoen Pelri Hub in the bordering town. The facility which comes with a new 7-sided futsal court, the largest of its kind in the town was launched today. It is located at Trashiling Demkhong of Gelephu Thromde near Gelephu Higher Secondary School.This is the first ever 7-sided futsal court in Gelephu. Constructed by spending more than a million ngultrum, the Youth Development Fund says it is a significant investment in the future of Bhutanese youth. The hub will provide a safe and supportive environment for the youth to learn and grow.

“We did a random trial survey and came to know from the people of Gelephu that futsal is one of the very popular sports followed by basketball and other sporting activities. Young people in different districts face multiple problems and Gelephu has its own youth problem. The problems, in fact, are not decreasing but are on the rise. We thought that this project could help to curve those issues. We already have the YDF programme in Gelephu and we thought the opening of this facility would enhance the reach,” said Kinley Tenzin, Chief of Social Enterprises.

He added sports enthusiasts using the facility will have to pay a nominal fee which will be used to meet the salary of the staff and maintain the facility for long-term sustainability of the infrastructure. However, the hub’s programmes and activities will be free for schools and institutions.

“We don’t want to see this artificial turf worn out after five to six years and not have the money to repair it. We don’t want to be in a situation where we don’t have any savings for long-term sustainability. For operational sustainability, we have to operate and pay salaries for two staff and have to fund other free programmes,” said Kinley Tenzin.

With the launch of this new facility, there are now seven futsal grounds in Gelephu including six five-sided grounds owned by private individuals.

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