First-ever Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair underway in Bangladesh

The inaugural Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair, a significant milestone in the diplomatic and economic ties between Bhutan and Bangladesh, commenced yesterday in the bustling city of Dhaka. The three-day fair, inaugurated by Bangladeshi Commerce Minister Tipu Minshu, has attracted considerable attention from both the business community and the general public.

With a total of 25 participating companies from Bhutan, the fair showcases a diverse array of products that highlight the unique craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage of the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This event, organized under the auspices of the Preferential Trade Agreement signed between Bhutan and Bangladesh in 2020, aims to promote mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities for the people of both nations.

The Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Dhaka, in collaboration with Bhutan’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, has orchestrated this landmark event. Additionally, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s country office has lent its support to ensure the success of the fair.

During the opening ceremony, Commerce Minister Tipu Minshu emphasized the importance of such initiatives in strengthening bilateral relations and fostering economic cooperation. He expressed his optimism regarding the potential for increased trade between the two nations, stating, “The Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair marks a significant step towards expanding our economic ties and promoting a vibrant exchange of goods and services between Bhutan and Bangladesh. This fair provides an excellent platform for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in Bhutan and vice versa.”

The fair has attracted a diverse range of attendees, including business professionals, potential investors, and members of the public interested in experiencing the unique Bhutanese culture. Visitors to the event have the opportunity to explore and engage with various sectors, such as textiles, handicrafts, agro-based products, and traditional Bhutanese cuisine.

Notably, the Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair seeks to showcase Bhutan’s strengths in sustainable development, renewable energy, and ecotourism. These sectors align with the Bhutanese government’s commitment to Gross National Happiness and the preservation of its pristine environment.

Furthermore, the fair serves as a platform to foster people-to-people connections and cultural exchanges between Bhutan and Bangladesh. A series of cultural performances and interactive sessions have been organized to provide visitors with a glimpse into Bhutanese traditions and values.

The Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair has generated significant interest among attendees, with numerous business collaborations and potential investment opportunities already emerging within the first day. Such interactions are expected to pave the way for long-lasting partnerships and contribute to the economic growth of both nations.

As the fair continues to unfold over the remaining two days, participants from both countries are enthusiastic about the potential outcomes and the overall success of the event. With its aim to facilitate trade, foster economic growth, and promote cultural understanding, the Bhutan Trade and Investment Fair sets a positive precedent for future collaboration between Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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