Kidu Mobile Medical camp in Bodh Gaya, India concludes

His Majesty’s Kidu Mobile Medical Unit in Bodh Gaya has concluded providing medical services on Saturday. Almost 700 pilgrims with various complications availed themselves of medical services.

Thousands of monks, nuns, lay monks and devotees from Bhutan and all over India and Nepal are gathered in Rajgir, India for the Moenlam Chhenmo presided over by His Holiness the Je Kenpo starting today.

His Majesty’s Kidu mobile medical unit is set up in the area to provide emergency medical care, and basic medical services for the pilgrims attending the Moenlam Chhenmo from November 12 to 18, and special prayer ceremonies at Bodh Gaya from November 19 to 23.

According to Doctor Phurb Dorji, the medical unit managed seven emergency cases and four patients were evacuated to Bhutan for further treatment.

He added that most patients suffered from lung diseases followed by diabetes and hypertension.

The Kidu medical team was set up at the Royal Bhutanese Temple in Bodh Gaya and provided medical services starting December last year. The medical unit was first started in December 2016 upon the Royal command of His Majesty the King.

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