Thailand Honors Ugen Tsechup Dorji with Award Strengthening Bhutan-Thai Relations

In a ceremony brimming with diplomatic significance and heartfelt appreciation, Ugen Tsechup Dorji, the Honorary Consul-General of Thailand in Thimphu, was bestowed with the esteemed Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand (Third Class). The event, held yesterday in Thimphu, underscored Dorji’s pivotal role in fortifying the bonds of friendship and collaboration between Bhutan and Thailand.

The accolade, graciously conferred by His Majesty the King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua, resonates with Dorji’s unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions towards enhancing bilateral relations. Ambassador Makawadee Sumitmor, representing the Kingdom of Thailand in Bhutan, had the honor of presenting the award to Dorji, acknowledging his instrumental efforts in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

The Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, established in 1869 by King Chulalongkorn, serves as a testament to individuals, both within Thailand and abroad, who exhibit exemplary commitment to nurturing diplomatic ties and fostering international collaboration.

The collaboration between the Royal Thai Embassy in Dhaka and the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General in Thimphu culminated in a dignified Royal Decoration Presentation Ceremony, commemorating Dorji’s profound achievements and tireless endeavors.

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude, Dorji remarked, “I’m truly humbled by this recognition. It motivates me to do even more than before, with renewed energy and determination.” His sentiments reflect a deep-seated commitment to furthering the cause of diplomacy and friendship between Bhutan and Thailand.

Dorji’s illustrious 20-year tenure as the Honorary Consul-General of Thailand in Thimphu has been characterized by a myriad of notable achievements, buoyed by the unwavering support of the Royal Thai Embassy in Dhaka, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the dedicated Thai consulate staff in Thimphu.

His pivotal role in facilitating high-profile visits to Bhutan by members of the Thai Royal Family, including Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Krom Phra Srisavangavadhana in 2007 and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in 2016, underscores his instrumental contribution to fostering cultural exchange and goodwill between the two nations.

Moreover, Dorji’s astute leadership and acumen in economic matters have significantly bolstered trade relations between Thailand and Bhutan. Leveraging his extensive business background and affiliations, he spearheaded initiatives to facilitate trade delegations and promote economic cooperation, thereby fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.

Ambassador Makawadee Sumitmor emphasized the exceptional nature of Dorji’s contributions, highlighting that amidst numerous nominations worldwide, only two individuals were selected for this prestigious award in 2023. Dorji’s steadfast commitment to diplomacy and his unwavering dedication to strengthening bilateral relations epitomize the spirit of cooperation and friendship that binds Bhutan and Thailand.

As the curtains draw on this momentous occasion, Dorji’s legacy stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, heralding a new chapter of enhanced collaboration and camaraderie between the peoples of Bhutan and Thailand.

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