Varanasi to Get a Bhutanese Buddha Temple; India Allots 2 Acres Of Land

Varanasi is considered one of the holiest places in India. It holds great significance for Hindus and plays an important role in Hinduism. This land of the deities is all set to become holier as Varanasi will soon get a Bhutanese Buddha temple. According to reports, the land for the temple will be provided by the government of Uttar Pradesh and the temple will be built by the government of Bhutan.

Varanasi, which is considered one of the holiest places in India, will soon become holier. This particular temple will be a Bhutanese one and will be dedicated to Lord Buddha. According to an article recently published in the IndiaTimes, the Bhutanese government made a similar proposal years ago.

They submitted a proposal to the Union Ministry of Culture and Tourism regarding such a temple. Initially, they wanted a piece of land for the temple in Sarnath as that held significant religious importance.

However, since the place is already saturated, it wasn’t possible to go ahead and build the temple. As a result, the local administration was asked by the Union Minister to search for a different piece of land.

After Sarnath was found to be an unsuitable location for the temple, Pindra tehsil was suggested. A total of two acres of land was then allotted for the temple. Given how close the spot was to the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, which is also known as the Babatpur Airport, the location was deemed appropriate.

As per reports, the temple and a guest house will be built by the Bhutanese government on land provided by the Indian government. Although the land allocation was approved in November 2021, the project was delayed due to multiple reasons. One of them was the state elections.

The land will be provided on a lease of 30 years for a token amount of just ₹10 and the annual rent for the land will be just ₹1.

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