400 plus DeSuups clean and beautify Thimphu to advocate clean environment

Over 400 DeSuups took part in a half-day cleaning, maintenance, and garden development along Norzin Lam in Thimphu yesterday. The activity was a part of the Thimphu Greening and Beautification programme which not only cleans and beautifies the capital but also aims to spread awareness of the need for people’s collective effort and responsibility in keeping the county clean.  

More than 400 DeSuups divided into 28 groups carried out the greening and beautification works along Norzin Lam.  Works included reorganising flower gardens, repairing and repainting railings, footpath beautification, drain cleaning, and repairing missing slabs.

According to the Chief Planning Officer of the DeSuung office, apart from beautifying the town, the program is implemented to create awareness and encourage residents to join in to maintain green and clean spaces in Thimphu hereafter.

“This time it is more of an awareness program. Looking at the young volunteer DeSuup’s work, residents of all Dzongkhags should initiate and take responsibility to do the same. If there is any maintenance work, be it in front of their shops, houses, or street, it will be easier for everyone if one takes up the responsibility. This is the actual national service in fulfilling His Majesty The King’s vision,” said Tandin Dorji, Chief Planning Officer of the DeSuung office.

According to the DeSuung officials, they also aim to conduct similar programs in other districts. One of the DeSuups shared that the residents should be responsible and mindful of their waste.

“We cannot be there all the time. Most of the waste generated is household waste. If people could take care of their waste, it would help in greening and beautifying our town,” said Tshering Dendup, a DeSuup.

The programme was implemented by the DeSuung Office in collaboration with the Agriculture and Livestock ministry, Thimphu Thromde, Royal Commission for Urban Development, Royal Project, and the TashichhoDzong Garden Project.

Inspiring many Bhutanese in keeping the country clean and beautiful, His Majesty The King in 2015 said, “Where we live must be clean, safe, organised, and beautiful, for national integrity, national pride, and for our bright future. This too is nation-building.”

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