Bar Council cancels certificates of lawyer and paralegal

The Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Council, yesterday, cancelled the Jabmi Certificate of a lawyer and the Thrimdung Certificate of a paralegal in two separate cases. With this, the duo will not be allowed to practice or provide any legal services. The council also suspended the license of another paralegal involved in a different case.

The Bar Council cancelled the Jabmi Certificate of Ngawang Tobgay, a registered lawyer with the council. The council found that he took an advance of Nu 300,000 from two complainants to represent them in a case.

The complainants alleged that Ngawang Tobgay refused to reimburse the amount. According to the council, Ngawang Tobgay gave false promises of reduction in sentences against court orders. He was then an employee of the Film Association of Bhutan and was not allowed to practice law.

He took up the case along with Pema Choden, owner of Dhendon Rabsel Law Firm. The Council stated that Ngawang Tobgay indulged in unethical practices and violated laws despite being suspended for a year in the past for violating the Jabmi Act.

The council ordered the duo to reimburse the amount to the complainants within three months from the date of the order. The council also reprimanded Pema Choden and ordered her to pay a fine of more than Nu 11,000 to the council for colluding with Ngawang Tobgay.

The council, in another case, found that Tshering Norbu, owner of Jangchub Consultancy mutually settled a matrimonial case of a couple without a Marriage Certificate. As per the council, this was against the Marriage Act of Bhutan. The disciplinary committee, therefore, cancelled his Thrimdung Certificate and his firm’s license.

The disciplinary committee also found that Dorji Tenzin, owner of Phendey Legal Office gave a false statement while representing a client in a legal dispute in Paro District Court. The complainants alleged that Dorji Tenzin gave a false statement to the court in identifying a witness. The council thereby suspended his license for one year.

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