Better breed cattle help uplift livelihoods of Khenadrang residents in Pema Gatshel

The residents of Khenadrang rehabilitation project in Zobel Gewog of Pema Gatshel are reaping the benefits of having high-bred cattle. The district administration provided cattle free of cost to the Khenadrang residents last year to supplement their income. And to encourage more households in the village to rear high-bred cattle, the district livestock sector also trained one of the residents in providing artificial insemination service.

Khenedrang is about 22 kilometres from Pema Gatshel. The inhabitants of the resettlement project include around 50 households brought from remote parts of Pema Gatshel.

Muki is one of the cattle recipients. Her family’s first and only cow gave birth to a female calf a few months ago. Muki says owning a high-bred cow has made life comfortable as they don’t have to buy milk and dairy products.

“It is better when we have a milking cow. Now we don’t have to buy from others to feed our children,” said Muki.

Like Muki, there are a few more households in the village rearing high-bred cattle.

“We are thankful for getting a cow for free. Now we can sell some dairy products,” said Norbu Wangdi, a resident.

“The cow was pregnant when we received it.  Now, it is benefiting us. We can also sell some milk. It is not possible to sell all as we need to keep for self-consumption as well. I also sell cheese and butter,” said Pema Choden, another resident.

If the residents are willing, they can rear more such high-bred cattle hereafter. They now have a technician who can provide artificial insemination procedures to produce better breed cattle which will give more milk and dairy products.

The technician has already started providing artificial insemination procedures.

“Livestock officials took the initiative to start artificial insemination service. We are thinking of taking the service now. We are hopeful that it will benefit us better,” said Norbu Wangdi.

“Now, we will opt for artificial insemination. We will take the service as it is initiated by the government. Until now, we couldn’t as there weren’t any such service,” said Pema Choden.

Pema Gatshel district administration distributed 28 cattle to the inhabitants of Khenadrang resettlement village in June last year. Most of them will get a calf of a better breed jersey by next year.

The residents of Khenadrang resettled in the village as part of the National Rehabilitation Programme in 2011. The programme was initiated upon Royal Command to address poverty and improve the livelihoods of landless and socioeconomically disadvantaged people across the country.

 Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Phub Gyem

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