Bhutan and UNDP: A Half-Century of Enduring Partnership and Progress

In a remarkable milestone of solidarity and development, Bhutan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are commemorating five decades of unwavering partnership. With its roots planted in 1973, this enduring friendship has yielded exceptional progress and upliftment for the Bhutanese people. As the country approaches graduation from the Least Developed Countries group, the UNDP reaffirms its commitment to continue supporting Bhutan’s growth and sustainable development for years to come.

Throughout the journey of friendship, Bhutan has benefited from the dedicated support of the UNDP, and together they have navigated the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world. In recognition of Bhutan’s advancements, the UNDP has pledged to extend its cooperation even after graduation from the Least Developed Countries group.

Over the past fifty years, the UNDP has been instrumental in supporting Bhutan’s progress across various sectors. Human resource development, agriculture, health, tourism, and energy have been areas of particular attention, where the partnership has yielded tangible benefits for the nation and its citizens.

The journey of Bhutan and the UNDP stands as a testament to the transformative power of international partnerships that are founded on shared goals and mutual respect. The fruits of this half-century collaboration have not only been seen in economic growth but also in social development and human well-being.

As Bhutan prepares to take on new challenges as a graduated nation, the significance of the partnership with the UNDP cannot be overstated. It is a partnership that transcends geopolitical boundaries and exemplifies the spirit of global solidarity in pursuit of a better world.

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