Bhutan-India: Friendship, Growth, and Environmental Guardianship

In a heartfelt address at the India Conclave – 2024 in New Delhi, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay illuminated Bhutan’s remarkable journey of harmonizing economic prosperity with environmental stewardship and the safeguarding of our rich cultural heritage. Prime Minister Tobgay, with profound gratitude, attributed much of this success to the unwavering support and friendship extended by the government and people of India.

Source: India Today, YouTube

At the core of Bhutan’s development philosophy lies the novel concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), a metric introduced to measure prosperity beyond mere economic indicators. Emphasizing the significance of GNH, Prime Minister Tobgay stressed that in the 21st century, nations must envision a future that prioritizes sustainability, social progress, cultural preservation, environmental conservation, and good governance.

“Our kings have paved the path, Bhutan has progressed, and indeed, we have traversed a considerable distance. This journey, largely successful, owes much to the friendship, goodwill, and unconditional support of the government and the people of India,” remarked Prime Minister Tobgay, reflecting on the fruitful partnership between the two nations.

Highlighting Bhutan’s commitment to balanced development, Prime Minister Tobgay invited our Indian neighbors to explore the diverse landscapes and experiences our country offers, encouraging tourism as a means to bolster our economy.

During his five-day visit to India, Prime Minister Tobgay engaged in a series of significant meetings and interactions. From extending courtesies to President Droupadi Murmu to holding discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and key figures in various industries, his visit underscored the depth of the bilateral relationship shared between Bhutan and India.

As Bhutan continues on its path towards sustainable development, guided by the principles of GNH and bolstered by the enduring friendship with India, the future appears promising. The bond between our nations serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the possibilities of progress rooted in harmony, preservation, and collaboration.

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