Bhutanese living abroad unite to prepare for National Day

The National Day celebrations this time are expected to be much more exciting. The grand celebrations at the Changlimithang, specifically the Lucky Draw event, are being made inclusive even for those living abroad. But the thing is that the National Day has always been inclusive, an occasion that has brought Bhutanese together, irrespective of the place or country they are in. And as always, Bhutanese living abroad have started coming together to prepare for the special day in their own special ways.

In New York City, United States, Bhutanese people especially young children are busy practicing dance items to be showcased during the National Day celebrations.

Along with the entertainment programmes, children are also involved in other areas of preparation. This, according to the association, is being done to help the young ones get acquainted with Bhutanese traditions.

“For this year’s National Day celebration, we are providing young individuals with a chance to explore and appreciate our country’s culture and traditions. Everything, from stage performances and hosting guests to serving them, will be undertaken by youths,” said Ulap Leki, President of the United Bhutanese Association in New York.

Similar preparations are also underway in the Australian cities that have hundreds and thousands of Bhutanese residents. Despite their busy schedules, individuals are taking out time to practice songs and dances which will be performed on the main day.

“We are very excited this time. Our purpose for gathering here today is to engage in dance practice,” said Samten Dorji, a performer.

“The celebration will embrace a traditional approach, with our Bhutanese colleagues participating and following the televised address by His Majesty,” said Tashi Kipchu, President of the Association of Bhutanese in Perth.

“In anticipation of the National Day, we have been diligently making preparations over the past few months. Representatives have collaborated on this effort, and we plan to synchronize the celebration here with the programmes unfolding in Changlimithang as soon as they commence,” said Passang, President of Australia Bhutanese Association of Canberra.

“To commemorate this year’s National Day, we, the Bhutanese residents of Brisbane, have organized a grand celebration. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to His Majesty the King, who is akin to our parents, and to all the Bhutanese people on this auspicious day,” said Sangay Dawa, a student in Brisbane.

In India, the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi has been transformed with beautiful traditional decorations.

More than 200 Bhutanese people are expected to join the celebrations at the Embassy on the 17th of December.

Similar programmes are also being arranged by Bhutanese communities in Thailand, Kuwait and other foreign countries.

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