Bhutanese Youth Pioneering a Movement for Change

Bhutan’s future seems brighter as four dynamic youth organizations – YPEER Bhutan, QUEER Voices of Bhutan, VAST Bhutan, and YDF-Young Volunteers in Action of Gelephu – roll out an influential campaign for the nation’s youth.

Under the umbrella of the “ShiftBhutan Programme”, an avant-garde initiative sponsored by Save the Children, this national movement addresses pivotal issues including sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and challenges tied to substance use disorders (SUD). Specifically catering to the 14 to 25 age bracket, the campaign sheds light on the significant stages of adolescence and early adulthood.

In an age ruled by rapid tech advancements and constant information flow, it’s crucial to provide clear, concise, and age-specific information. The program aims to curtail the spread of misinformation on SRHR and SUD, preparing the younger generation with tools to make well-informed decisions. Given the information deluge, the youth can easily fall prey to misleading notions with long-term repercussions. But “ShiftBhutan Programme” stands firm, offering a space for genuine dialogue and learning.

The spotlight on SRHR emphasizes the value of understanding one’s body, the essence of consent, and navigating relationships. This empowers young Bhutanese to forge respectful, wholesome connections. Concurrently, the focus on SUD rings the alarm on the hazards of substance misuse, promoting wise choices that evade life-changing mistakes.

Yet, it’s not solely about the message, but who delivers it as well.

The unity showcased by these varied youth factions magnifies their reach, breaking barriers and covering extensive ground nationwide. This cooperative effort is a testament to the strength of collective action, painting a picture of a Bhutan where diversity is not only celebrated but also channeled towards beneficial reforms.

Pushing the envelope of cultural norms, this program is at the forefront of societal evolution and perspective shifts.

By incorporating QUEER Voices of Bhutan in this endeavor, there’s an unmistakable nod towards inclusivity. Addressing the distinct challenges of the LGBTQ+ community, the campaign bravely strides towards a world where every individual’s rights are acknowledged and honored.

With the power of knowledge, Bhutan’s youth is carving out a horizon defined by wellness, parity, and conscious choices. This remarkable alliance, thus, stands deserving of applause for its role in disseminating knowledge and harnessing the game-changing energy of the youth.

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