BTP campaigns for social welfare

With the poll day for the National Assembly’s General Round only around two weeks away, the Bhutan Tendrel Party is restating its social welfare and other pledges to the people. During a meeting with the voters in Dewathang_Gomdar Constituency in Samdrup Jongkhar today, BTP’s President Pema Chewang reassured to fulfill the pledges if they are voted to power.

Meeting the voters of Orong Gewog, the president assured that if the BTP comes to power, financial allowances, and other support will be provided every month to senior citizens above the age of 65 and to people living with disabilities.

Additionally, the president promised to increase the rural life insurance amount from 30,000 ngultrum to 150,000 ngultrum while maintaining the current premium rate of 87 ngultrum per family member.

Furthermore, the president pledged to boost household income by allowing the import of seasonal labour for agricultural farming.

The president also pledged to build and improve infrastructures under the National Infrastructure Plan with an estimated investment outlay of 50 billion ngultrum in the next three years.

The president also promised to offer a one-time home loan to the people in rural areas at a concessional interest rate by consulting with the Royal Monetary Authority and financial institutions.

The president also said the Bhutan Tendrel Party commits to improve public service delivery and develop effective policies and solutions that will directly benefit the people.

Kinley Wangchuk, Samdrup Jongkhar

Edited by Kipchu

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