Choki Traditional Arts School reaping benefits from its Alumni Association

In a heartwarming display of loyalty and commitment, the Choki Traditional Arts School in Thimphu has found a reliable ally in its dedicated alumni network. The school, which has been fostering traditional art education since its inception, has been receiving a considerable amount of support from its vibrant alumni association. Established in 2015, the association is composed of accomplished individuals who graduated from the institution and are now returning the favor by actively contributing to the school’s progress and development.

Sangay Tenzin, a seasoned painter with years of experience under his belt, is seen taking precious time out of his schedule to impart his knowledge and skills to aspiring artists of the school.

His altruistic efforts are a testament to the strong bond he shares with the institution that helped shape his career.

Sangay has been giving back to his alma mater for over eight years now. “Over the past years, the association is rendering services like helping students with their work,” said Sangay.

“We even invite some of our expert friends to help students at this institute,” added Sangay

But Sangay Tenzin is not alone in his endeavors. The alumni association boasts a plethora of skilled professionals from different backgrounds who are committed to sharing their expertise with current students.

Members view their philanthropic service as a small gesture of appreciation and an opportunity to repay the institution that played a significant role in their success.

The school’s Vice Principal, Katu says the alumni network is making their work easier. “They present multiple examples from their experience, which helps teachers at this institute,” said Katu.

A student, Leki Dorji, is glad to learn from the expertise rendered by the former students. Leki says their “skills and knowledge will make us more confident after graduating from the institute.”

Sonam Choden, who is the school’s principal said such exchanges help the current students become market ready. “Their expertise also helps our students to grow more skillfully,” added Sonam.

The Choki Traditional Arts School, a privately owned establishment, has been offering free education to underprivileged individuals, irrespective of their qualifications or educational background.

Currently, the school provides free training to over 160 students.

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