Construction of motorable bridge over Samatung river benefits residents – Sarpang

From the coming monsoon, people of Sangaythang village in Singye Gewog in Sarpang can reach Gelephu and nearby towns within a short duration without worrying about the swollen Samatung river. This is because the construction of a motorable bridge over the river was completed a few months ago.

For years, people used the suspension bridge to transport farm produces especially during summer.

There are about 25 households in Sangaythang village depending on agriculture as a source of income.

But now, people will no longer have to face those challenges.

Singye Gup Jigme said “it takes an hour more if we travel from the upper side of the village. Since the travel time from this route is shorter, people take this route. People try to cross the river risking their lives. So, the government constructed the bridge. Even the travel time has been reduced.”

“In absence of a bridge over Samatung River in the past, we faced a lot of difficulties. Now the new bridge costing over Nu 29 M has benefited us, the people of Sangaythang and officials of Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary,” said Choki Dema, a resident.

“The bridge has immensely benefitted us,” said Dujom Dema, another resident.

The construction of the 160-meter-long bridge began in 2020. The Small Development Project funded the work costing more than Nu 29 M.

Although the pandemic delayed the work, it was completed in December last year.

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