DeSuung Water Project to solve water woes in Martshala Gewog

Four villages of Martshala Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar will no longer have to struggle to get sufficient water supply. The DeSuung Water Project will soon start works to supply adequate water from a new source for the residents. A groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held today.

It’s 6 AM and Tampay is at the water source clearing the debris. He has been doing so for years.

The small stream which is a few metres from the village is the only water source for seven households in Seytshalu village. The water is hardly sufficient to fill up a bucket.

“The water source here is small and filled up with debris. So, it’s difficult getting sufficient water. And without enough water, we haven’t been able to focus on farming,” said Tampay.

“We have fewer households here, still we don’t get enough water. Forget about doing other work, we don’t get enough water to carry our daily household activities,” said Sangay Wangdi, another resident of Martshala Gewog.

Like Seytshalu, residents of Thizor, Gorthongma, and Gaywong villages have also been struggling to get adequate water.

However, the problem is expected to solve with the identification of a new water source at Shemshem in Martshala Gewog under the new water project.

“We are very happy that the project will start soon because without water we haven’t been able to cultivate vegetables. The water isn’t enough to feed animals as well. We are expecting that the water issue will be solved soon,” said Sangay Wangdi.

“Water is not enough for drinking, washing and feeding animals right now. But after the water project, I am hoping that we will get enough water,” said Meto Dema, a resident.

During the next five months, 70 DeSuups will construct water transmission lines, distribution lines and taps among others. The project will cost Nu 7 M.

Once complete, more than 300 people will be benefited.

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