DGPC Collaborates with International Experts to Update Hydropower Project in Bhutan

The Druk Green Power Corporation, in collaboration with a team of experts from France and Italy, is undertaking the task of updating the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the ambitious 1,125-megawatt hydropower plant at Dorjilung in Monggar, Bhutan. This announcement was made by the Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Loknath Sharma, during the question hour session of the National Assembly today.

The DPR serves as a comprehensive blueprint for a project, containing vital information regarding the necessary resources and tasks required for its successful execution. Minister Loknath Sharma informed the assembly that the World Bank has allocated a budget of Nu 4 million for the updating of the DPR. It is noteworthy that the initial report was conducted in 2015. The minister’s response came in reply to a question posed by Karma Lhamo, the Member of Parliament representing Monggar.

The undertaking of updating the DPR for the Dorjilung Hydropower Project is a significant step towards its realization. With the collaboration of experts from France and Italy, the project is poised to benefit from international expertise and experience in the field of hydropower development. This joint effort highlights the global recognition of Bhutan’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy sources.

The Dorjilung Hydropower Project holds immense potential for Bhutan’s energy sector. Once completed, it is expected to contribute significantly to the country’s energy generation capacity, fostering economic growth and improving the livelihoods of its citizens. The project’s capacity of 1,125 megawatts signifies a substantial addition to Bhutan’s existing hydropower infrastructure, which plays a crucial role in meeting the nation’s energy demands.

The allocation of Nu 4 million by the World Bank for the update of the DPR underscores the international community’s support and confidence in Bhutan’s hydropower endeavors. This financial backing will enable the incorporation of the latest technological advancements, improved environmental sustainability measures, and other relevant considerations into the project’s planning and execution.

The DPR update holds particular importance as it reflects the commitment of the government and relevant stakeholders to ensure that the Dorjilung Hydropower Project aligns with the current energy requirements and environmental standards. The inclusion of experts from France and Italy in the process signifies a comprehensive and holistic approach, incorporating best practices and knowledge from countries with extensive experience in the field of hydropower.

The announcement of the DPR update follows the pledge made by Karma Lhamo, the Member of Parliament from Monggar, during the bye-election held two years ago. Karma Lhamo vowed to expedite the groundwork for the Dorjilung Hydropower Project and pledged to oversee its completion by 2023. The collaboration with international experts and the allocation of funds for the DPR update further demonstrate the government’s determination to fulfill these promises and prioritize the development of renewable energy sources in Bhutan.

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