Dorji Lopen consecrates Tashi Choeling Lhakhang, Nimzhong residents elated

From conducting prayer ceremonies to holding rituals for the deceased, the community temple plays a crucial role in any rural village. But Nimzhong residents in Trongsa have been facing problems for many years as the village’s only temple was almost falling apart until the reconstruction work started in 2019. With the reconstruction works complete, Dorji Lopen of the Central Monastic Body consecrated the new Lhakhang yesterday.

The old Nimzhong Lhakhang which was built some 95 years ago was a traditional house. Withered by time and weather, the Lhakhang suffered major damage.

The people of Nimzhong were left without a place to perform rituals and hold funeral rites. So, the Korphu Gewog Administration initiated the reconstruction works.

The new two-storey Lhakhang was built on the same spot where the old Nimzhong Lhakhang once stood. Renamed Tashi Choeling Lhakhang, the temple stands on a slope above the village, overlooking Mountain Reautala.

“Apart from getting a new sacred place to pray and perform rituals, I think the temple will benefit the younger generation. I pray that our village prospers. I am thankful to the Gewog and District administrations and also to the government for thinking about the Nimzhong people. We are grateful for all the support we have received in building the Lhakhang,” said Kado, a resident of Nimzhong.

Kinley, another Nimzhong resident added, “I am very happy that we got a new temple which is as majestic as Tashichhoedzong.”

“Compared to the old one, the new Lhakhang is very beautiful. Old Lhakhang was just like our house which did not look like a temple. The new Lhakhang looks like a dzong and also we are very privileged to receive blessings from Dorji Lopen. It feels surreal today,” said Karma Wangzom, who is also a Nimzhong resident.

The Korphu Gewog administration constructed the new Lhakhang to bring harmony to the community which has around 72 households.

Korphu Gup Sangay Khando said, “Firstly, we have achieved people’s aspirations. Secondly, most villagers leave their village in search of better facilities. So, building a new Lhakhang here became inevitable. It gives them a place to worship and pray. The presence of Lhakhang gives them a sense of peace and security.”

The new Lhakhang was constructed at the cost of Nu 17 M. The construction was funded by the government.

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