Dramedtse town starts receiving reliable drinking water

The people living in the peripheral area of Dramedtse town in Monggar will no longer have to worry about meeting their daily water needs. The old drinking water source which was left unused due to a damaged pipe was restored and maintained recently. People say the current water at Chhukhor is not enough for the increasing population.

The old water source at Kaliyaksha served as one of the main drinking water sources for the people living in and around Dramedtse town. It was left unused for more than two years due to old pipes.

According to the residents, the lack of funds impeded the renovation and maintenance work. However, with the funding support of Nu 300,000 from the Gewog administration, the people finally carried out the maintenance work recently. The current water source at Chhukhor was connected with the old Kaliyaksha water source.

“We started sourcing water from here four years ago. It’s been about two years since we started using water from here and it has benefitted us immensely. However, due to some problem, the water got disconnected from the middle. Since then people residing in the Thromde area have been struggling with inadequate water. And with increasing population, it has only added to the problem,” said Kinzang Lhamo, a resident of Dramedtse.

Without water, it’s challenging, especially for school-going children. Similarly, it’s difficult when we don’t have water in the toilets as it’s not like before when defecation used to be in the open. Sometimes we are left without water to drink. Therefore, I think it’s time that we need to resolve this issue,” said Tshewang Lhendup, a resident.

“It has been about two years without adequate water. The water pipe got damaged after a farm road construction. Since then, it has remained without maintenance and we have faced a lot of difficulties,” said Rinchen Wangdi, another resident.

“One of the water sources was already there. But the pipe got damaged and remained unused for a few years as it required maintenance. With the renovation and connection of both the water sources, we are hoping that it will help resolve water shortage in the area,” said Yeshey, Dramedtse Gup.

The water source maintenance will benefit more than 400 people in Dramedtse town.

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