Elimination of quota system encourages more graduates to sit for BCSE

The number of graduates sitting for this year’s Preliminary Examination of the Civil Service exams has witnessed a significant increase. More than 4,000 graduates are set to participate in the Preliminary Examinations, scheduled next month. According to the Royal Civil Service Commission, their decision to eliminate the quota system for the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations has played an important role in encouraging more graduates to register for the PE.

With a total of almost 4,500 graduates registered for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination, the number has increased by almost 1,000 graduates compared to last year. There were almost 3,500 graduates registered last year.

As per the RCSC’s new rule, applicants will now be allowed to appear for the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations multiple times provided they meet the age requirements. An applicant should not be older than 35 years if pre-service and 45 years, if in-service.

In the past, applicants were allowed to appear in the PE three times and the main examinations two times.

“We expected the number of graduates registering for this year’s PE to increase due to the elimination of the quota system. Initially, graduates could only appear for PE three times. Therefore, when we decided to remove the quota system, it meant that graduates who had surpassed the limit for PE could re-sit for the Royal Civil Service examinations,” said Choki Drakpa, RCSC’s officiating director.

He added that the rise in vacancies and the graduates’ interest in joining the civil service might also have contributed to the increase.

The commission has announced a total of 1,125 vacancies including 110 in administration, finance, and legal services, 245 for the Post Graduate Diploma in Education, 430 for a Bachelor’s in Education, and 341 for technical services.

According to the RCSC, these vacancies have been prioritised based on the attrition rate in the particular field.

Meanwhile, the removal of the quota system for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination has been welcomed by the graduates, particularly those in service.

“Although the pay as a contract teacher is decent, I feel the need to enhance the quality of my education. Therefore, I have decided to re-sit this year’s RCSC examination to improve my education,” said Pema Dargye, a graduate of the Samtse College of Education.

This year’s BCSE will see a diverse range of registered graduates with ages ranging from 19 to 44 years old.

The exam will be conducted in Thimphu and Monggar, with the latter hosting 294 graduates for the exam.

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