Empowering Bhutan’s Next Generation: A Unified Voice for Change

In a significant move to uplift and enlighten the youth of Bhutan, a collective of dynamic youth organizations – YPEER Bhutan, QUEER Voices of Bhutan, VAST Bhutan, and YDF-Young Volunteers in Action of Gelephu – have unveiled a groundbreaking initiative for the nation’s younger citizens.

This initiative, dubbed the “ShiftBhutan Programme”, is a brainchild of Save the Children and functions as an inventive campaign accelerator. Spanning the nation, its primary focus areas include sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and the challenges of substance use disorders (SUD), specifically targeting individuals aged between 14 to 25 – a crucial stage encompassing adolescence and early adulthood.

In today’s world, where technology reigns supreme and the flow of information is unceasing, there is a dark side: the proliferation of misinformation. Young minds, in their quest for knowledge, often become the unintended victims of misconceptions with wide-ranging repercussions. The “ShiftBhutan Programme” aims to counter this by offering a safe space for genuine dialogue and enlightenment.

By highlighting SRHR, the campaign elevates the concepts of body autonomy, consent, and building a sound understanding of relationships, equipping Bhutan’s youth with tools to nurture wholesome interactions. Concurrently, the spotlight on SUD offers a poignant reminder of the dangers of substance misuse, guiding them towards prudent life choices.

However, the essence of a message is as significant as its deliverer.

The union of these diverse youth organizations illustrates the immense strength derived from unity. Their consolidated voice resonates louder, breaking barriers and ensuring a widespread impact throughout Bhutan. This partnership symbolizes the unparalleled strength of collective efforts in addressing societal issues, projecting an image of a nation where diversities are not just accepted but celebrated for inducing positive shifts.

Beyond breaking traditional barriers, this program is a beacon of cultural metamorphosis.

An especially noteworthy mention is the involvement of QUEER Voices of Bhutan. Their inclusion signifies a steadfast dedication to inclusion and fair representation. By spotlighting the unique hurdles the LGBTQ+ community grapples with, this endeavor is a laudable stride towards molding a society where every individual’s rights hold equal weight.

With the right knowledge as their shield and sword, Bhutan’s youth are poised to sculpt a future hallmarked by health, equality, and conscious choices. This pioneering alliance rightly earns our admiration, not only for championing the cause of knowledge dissemination but also for recognizing the boundless promise held by engaging the youth.

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