Empowering Survivors: One Click Services’ Innovative Initiative

In the ongoing battle against domestic violence and gender-based violence, Bhutan’s One Click Services has emerged with a groundbreaking program aimed at supporting survivors and empowering vulnerable individuals in the community.

Under the leadership of Zigyel Tshering, the operational head of One Click Services, the initiative has taken significant strides. Tshering shared insights into their robust marketing efforts, which involve engaging with institutions requiring extensive cleaning services. Collaborations with organizations like NPPF, NHDCL, RBP, and Renew have strengthened their outreach, while Thimphu Thromde’s support on official platforms has bolstered visibility.

At the heart of this initiative lies a noble objective: to empower survivors of domestic violence, homemakers, and recovering addicts by providing them with opportunities for financial independence. One Click Services has integrated this vision into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), introducing a fair compensation model. Under this model, the company retains only 25 percent of total revenue, allocating the remaining 75 percent to beneficiaries. This allocation aims to grant survivors access to financial stability and security, fostering a pathway to dignity and self-sufficiency.

Recognizing the pervasive stigma and limited opportunities confronting survivors and recovering addicts, One Click Services stands as a beacon of hope. By offering avenues for employment and economic empowerment, the company seeks to dismantle barriers and pave the way for a dignified existence.

Moreover, the company is forging partnerships with institutions requiring cleaning services, extending discounted rates through their fair compensation model. This strategic approach not only fulfills the cleaning needs of these institutions but also sustains the initiative’s core mission of empowerment.

Looking ahead, One Click Services harbors ambitions of expanding its services to encompass various household needs, from plumbing to electrical and carpentry services. This expansion reflects the company’s commitment to becoming a comprehensive solution for individuals facing financial instability.

Remarkably, despite the financial challenges posed by the pandemic, One Click Services has demonstrated resilience, relying on internal resources rather than seeking external funding. This self-sufficiency underscores the company’s dedication to its cause and its ability to weather adversity.

Above all, One Click Services prioritizes value and integrity in its operations. By ensuring quality assurance, efficiency, convenience, and affordability, the company aims for long-term sustainability while delivering tangible benefits to clients, beneficiaries, and itself.

As One Click Services continues to forge ahead, its initiative serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility in action. By harnessing the power of entrepreneurship for social good, the company not only transforms lives but also sets a precedent for meaningful change in the community.

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