Excitement builds as Thimphu undergoes fresh look for National Day celebrations

It is almost time to come together once again and celebrate. The 116th National Day is only twelve days away and preparations are well underway in the capital city where the main event will be held. With the much anticipated day approaching, Thimphu is preparing for the occasion with a series of activities aimed at enhancing and beautifying the area, all the while setting up a festive mood among the people.

Preparations for the 116th National Day are almost complete at the Changlimithang Stadium where the grand celebrations will take place.

Works are also in full swing in other parts of the city. The two gates near the Changlimithang, which basically welcomes people entering Thimphu City, are undergoing a major revamp and have been adorned with traditional designs.

The Thimphu Thromde has also carried out renovation works on the Changlam and Wangchulam roads, significantly enhancing the road condition.

Similarly, roundabouts in the city have also been repainted with traditional artwork. This has been done in collaboration with the Zorig Chusum or the School of Traditional Arts and Crafts, aimed to add a touch of tradition to the city’s aesthetic.

The installation of the national flags along the highways and the shops will begin on Sunday.

Meanwhile, dancers and other performers have been practising rigorously at the Changlimithang.

With Thimphu City having been given a fresh look, residents are excited for the main day.

“We are very excited about the upcoming national day. There are many things happening at Changlimithang and even the roads are being repaired for the national day,” said Sonam Yeazer, a resident.

“We are excited about the national day. We celebrate the day comes every year. When it is held in other districts, we are not able to attend it but when it is celebrated in districts like Samtse and Thimphu, we attend it and we plan to do so in the future as well,” said Chitra Singh Ghalley, another resident.

While the day’s celebrations will be broadcast live on television, some people are planning to experience it in person.

Those planning to do so, have to get themselves registered through the Bhutan App.

“To attend the national day, I have already registered through the Bhutan app. We plan on going to the ground between 1 to 2 AM,” added Sonam Yeazer.

“I do not know how to use the Bhutan app. I will ask my children to do the registration for me,” added Chitra Singh Ghalley.

And for people who do not know how to use the Bhutan App or are facing difficulties with the online registration process, help is being provided here at the Kaja Throm.

Along with the exciting National Day Lucky Draw, one of the main events of the day will be the live music concert which will be performed by almost 200 local artists.

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