Former Tour Guide Finds New Purpose as Broiler Chicken Farmer in Pema Gatshel

Cheki Dorji, a former tour guide, has embarked on a remarkable journey of passion and purpose as he transitions into the role of a broiler chicken farmer in the serene village of Durungri, Dungmin Gewog. With the support of the Big-Ticket Project, Cheki took a leap of faith by not only creating employment opportunities but also contributing to import substitution.

In his early thirties, Cheki Dorji made the bold decision to venture into poultry farming amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Determined to chart a new path, he established his very own broiler farm in his ancestral village.

However, his path was not without obstacles. Cheki encountered difficulties in finding a reliable market for his broiler chickens.

“After the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, I decided to leave the tourism industry and return to my village. In 2021, I began this broiler farm with 500 chicks. Unfortunately, I faced significant losses as I struggled to find a stable market during the pandemic,” shared Cheki.

Nonetheless, recent collaborative efforts with meat vendors in the district have alleviated some of his concerns, allowing him to focus on expanding his farm.

“At first, finding customers was an arduous task. But through consultations with meat vendors, we managed to reach an agreement on prices. This breakthrough has given me hope and reassurance, knowing that I have finally found a reliable market.”

Looking ahead, Cheki holds ambitious dreams for his farming venture. He eagerly awaits the second budget release, which will provide the necessary funds to expand his farm.

“Currently, my farm can accommodate 1,500 chicks. I am eagerly awaiting the funds from the Big-Ticket Project. By July, when I receive the funding, I plan to expand my farm.”

With an investment exceeding Nu 250,000, Cheki now dedicates his efforts to tending to 1,300 broiler chickens on his farm. The district’s livestock sector plays a crucial role by facilitating the supply of chicks and feeds.

Cheki Dorji’s inspiring journey showcases the indomitable spirit of individuals who, even in the face of adversity, manage to carve a new path towards prosperity and self-sufficiency. As he continues to nurture his broiler farm, his story serves as a testament to the power of determination and the potential for success within local communities.

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