Fourth NA Primary Election sees 63 per cent voter turnout

The primary round of the National Assembly Elections yesterday saw a 63 per cent total voter turnout. It is a decrease of a little over three percentage points compared to the primaries of the 2018 NA election.

313,162 Bhutanese exercised their voting rights during the primary round of the fourth NA election. According to the Election Commission of Bhutan, there are 497,058 eligible voters in the country.

195,719 Bhutanese voted through the Electronic Voting Machines while 117,443 cast their votes through Postal Ballots.

In terms of gender, there are 242,215 males and over 254,843 females eligible to vote. For the primary round of the NA election this time, 154,925 men and 158,237 women cast their votes.

Of the 47 constituencies, Gelegphu Constituency in Sarpang which has the highest number of eligible voters saw the highest voter turnout with 12,422 Bhutanese having cast their votes. There are 20,314 eligible voters in the Gelegphu Constituency.

Khamaed_Lunana in Gasa one of the constituencies with the least eligible voters had the lowest voter turnout with 837 voters. The constituency has 1,175 eligible voters.

During the 2018 primary round of the third National Assembly Elections, more than 290,000 voters of the total registered voters in the country, turned up to cast their votes.

Samten Dolkar

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