Furniture making machines benefit Zordung Samtenling community forest members, Trashigang

Zordung Samtenling community forest members in Trashigang are able to overcome the challenges they have been facing in making furniture. Thanks to a set of machinery. The villagers who sustain their livelihoods through selling furniture are now able to focus on the quality of the products as manufacturing has become less labourious.

It has been almost five years since the group of people from Zordung have been making furniture.

They extract timber from their community forest and pay around Nu 100,000 as an annual fee to their forest community group.

They make all kinds of furniture. However, the lack of machines and skills were the main challenges until now.

But not anymore.

The members received a month-long training in Bumthang.

And they received eight machines some months ago.

“What used to be done in a day can now be done within an hour. The quality has also improved. The only thing is that we have to measure and get the accurate size. This has helped our business and is less laborious,” said Jamyang Tenzin, a member.

“I saw a lot of differences while using the machines. Earlier, to get the accurate size, we had to use an axe, and a lot of wood planks got damaged. Now it is easier and has reduced the damage. We can make various designs and it is convenient for us now,” said Dechen Dorji, another member.

For now, the group sells the products to nearby districts.

The machines worth Nu 3.1 M were provided by the Department of Forests and Park Services Trashigang division and the Asian Forest Cooperation Organisation.

Currently, the community forest group has 110 members.

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