Gangola-Lhuentse highway to be widened with proper drainage system

For about four years now, residents in Lhuentse have been dealing with clogged drains at Tongkongla, a place about a kilometre from Lhuentse town. The problem becomes worse during the summer. However, much to the relief of the people in Lhuentse, the Department of Surface Transport is planning to widen the highway and construct proper drains.

Whenever there is a downpour, the rainwater overflows at Tongkongla. Moreover, the area is steep and narrow.

The workers from the Department of Surface Transport have been consistently rushing to the site for the past three years to clear the blockage caused by debris and rainwater.

“During the rainy season, we have to clear the site every time,” said Sonam Dorji, one of the workers.

A few residents said the road has developed potholes and is in a bad condition due to the poor drainage system.

“The road has been problematic for drivers because it is steep and narrow and it lacks a proper drainage system. It has been about four years now. No one came forward until now but if the road is widened and blacktopped with drain, we the drivers would be grateful,” said a driver, Pema Namgyel.

According to the executive engineer of the Department of Surface Transport, the problem will be addressed within a year by widening the 61-kilometre Gangola to Lhuentse town road.

This project will include widening and blacktopping the road as well as constructing new drains. The executive engineer further stated that the tendering process for the project will begin in July.

Rinchen Tobgay, Lhuentse

Edited by Tshering Zam

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