Gasa Tshachhu to be restored by September

Gasa is determined to bring back the famous Gasa Tshachhu. Restoration works, landslide mitigation, and infrastructure development works among others are in full swing today. If everything goes as planned, people can expect to soak in the Tshachhu again by September this year.

The Gasa Tshachhu site is going to get a new makeover with safer and additional infrastructure for the comfort of all visitors.

The Mochhu that washed away the Tshachhu in 2021 has been diverted with boulder wall to prevent future floods in the area. The wall is almost three to four meters in width and eight to nine meters in height. The work is 90 per cent complete. Moreover, the district has also built landslide mitigation wall on the opposite side of the river to prevent any future natural disasters.

“Hereon, we are working on a lot of plans to prevent such disasters. Before, the Mochhu used to run right next to the Tshachhu. However, after the flash flood, we have cut the mountain tops and pulled the boulders in the river to the side, built walls and made it very strong. We can assure you that there will be no damages due to natural disasters,” said Tandin Dorji, Manager.

Currently, infrastructure development works such as public bathtubs and shower rooms are ongoing. Furthermore, the district this time has also designated an area for recreation.

“This time, we have two separate male and female ponds under one roof, and a total of eight ponds. We also have a new VIP pond. Previously, the area which had the Chorten is now going to be converted into a green area for adults and children to rest,” said Sonam Dorji, site engineer.

The district initially targeted to finish the restoration works by June this year. But it got postponed until September due to delay in budget approval. A budget of close to Nu 26 M has been allocated for the restoration of the hot spring and construction of flood mitigation walls.

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