Gelephu Moenlam Chenmo draws thousands of people

The otherwise quiet Gelephu Town came alive during the five-day Moenlam Chenmo presided over by the Tshugla Lopen of the Zhung Dratshang. The event, which ended yesterday, boosted business in Gelephu, especially for hotels and restaurants. Vehicle movement was restricted in the core area of Gelephu Town to accommodate food stalls and various entertainment activities.

Apart from receiving blessings from the Moenlam Chenmo, people’s palates were treated to different tastes at the food stalls and hearts were filled with joy by the entertainment on offer.

Brimming with hope and aspiration, people say the unusual crowd in Gelephu and the boom in economic activity may just be what the Gelephu Mindfulness City might have on offer.

“With the Moenlam Chenmo and the establishment of entertainment activities in the heart of town, a large number of people have been attracted, providing business people with the opportunity to earn more money. It has also given me a glimpse of the upcoming mindfulness city,” said Nim Dorji Sherpa, Gakiling, Sarpang.

“People from higher altitudes have come to Gelephu to escape the cold and harsh winter. Additionally, many have gathered here due to the commencement of the five-day Moenlam Chenmo by Tshugla Lopon, and with the blessings of His Majesty, in transforming Sarpang district into a Mindfulness City,” said Thinley Gyamtsho, Hoteliers’ Representative, Gelephu Thromde.

However, hoteliers and shopkeepers said that the opening of food stalls and other entertainment activities in open spaces in the heart of Gelephu Town has hampered their daily business.

“Due to the presence of food stalls and various entertainment activities in the open spaces, our daily business has declined. While our business thrived during the Moenlam Chenmo, now that it is over and with the establishment of the stalls in open spaces, our customer traffic has decreased,” said LB Gurung, a shopkeeper, Gelephu Thromde.

“I have received several complaints regarding fewer walk-in customers and diners in town. Additionally, due to loud noises and other nuisances, people prefer to stay at hotels away from the town centre, resulting in a decline in business for hoteliers in town,” said Thinley Gyamtsho, Hotelier Representative, Gelephu Thromde.

The 18th five-day Moenlam Chenmo of the Sarpang district ended with thousands receiving the Sangay Yoepamay Wang.

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