Her Majesty the Queen Mother Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck inaugurates Bhutan TSHAR Institute to empower bamboo artisans

Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, virtually inaugurated Bhutan TSHAR Institute in Monggar’s Kalapang Gewog today. The Tarayana Foundation established the institute as part of the project “Promoting Integrated Bamboo-Based Enterprises Development among SAARC Countries”. The institute, funded by the SAARC Development Fund aims to provide livelihood opportunities for bamboo artisans, farmers, youth, and rural communities in the country.

The institute will offer training and employment prospects in the lucrative bamboo industry, focusing on youth, women, artisans, and farmers. It will provide raw materials, design assistance, skills development, and market access.

“With the establishment of this institute, various initiatives and training programmes will be organised. Thus, rural communities will greatly benefit from the institute, while ensuring the production of high-quality bamboo products,” said Sonam Gyeltshen, field officer of Tarayana Foundation.

Likewise, bamboo artisans currently attending the Tarayana Foundation’s annual fair in Thimphu also welcomed the institute’s inauguration.

They said it not only presents opportunities for them but also helps preserve the bamboo works tradition.

“In Zhemgang, we have an abundance of bamboo. Our parents were bamboo artisans. However, over time, we have lost the art of bamboo working tradition. Thankfully, Her Royal Highness’s initiative will immensely benefit bamboo artisans like us,” said Tshering Jamtsho, a bamboo artisan.

“Currently, I create almost everything using my bare hands. Therefore, I hope to enrol in the institute and learn how to operate the machine. By doing so, I believe I can expand my business further,” said Pema Wangmo, another bamboo artisan.

The Tarayana Foundation plans to engage interested youth and communities in accessing the institute’s services and aims to collaborate with the DeSuung Skilling Programme in the future.

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