Highly Trained Canine Unit Play Vital Role in Ensuring Safety and Security

Bhutan has long relied on the unwavering dedication of the Royal Bhutan Police Canine Unit in the relentless pursuit of criminals. Whether it’s combating drug trafficking or conducting thorough highway checks, these exceptional canines stand ready to serve and protect. Today, we delve into the world of these crime-fighting dogs and explore their pivotal role in safeguarding our beloved nation.

Comprising a formidable force of 45 impeccably trained dogs, the Canine Unit possesses an unrivalled ability to detect drugs, weapons, and explosives with unparalleled accuracy.

Consisting of 43 Labrador Retrievers and two German Shepherds, the unit has successfully completed training for 28 dogs, while 16 are currently undergoing rigorous instruction to further enhance their skills.

“The Canine Unit has proven invaluable in addressing various challenges, particularly in combating drug-related crimes, apprehending criminals, and detecting explosives. We have harnessed the full potential of these remarkable animals, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable,” stated Col Passang Dorji, deputy chief of police.

These highly trained dogs are deployed at integrated check posts, conduct highway checks, assist in night patrolling, and are present wherever a crime scene demands their expertise.

At present, the Canine Unit operates in key locations such as Thimphu, Phuentshogling, Paro, Gelephu, Samtse, and Samdrup Jongkhar.

Recognizing the need to fortify security measures throughout the country, the Royal Bhutan Police is actively planning to expand the unit’s presence to additional districts.

“We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of our handlers and trainers to maximize their effectiveness. Concurrently, we are continuously evaluating and optimizing our canine team’s performance to ensure they become the ultimate crime trackers and drug-busting experts. Presently, we face some limitations in terms of space, but we are actively seeking a suitable training ground, which we expect to acquire soon,” added Col Passang.

For now, the Chamgang Canine Training Centre serves as the training hub for these exceptional dogs. Sourced from reputable establishments in Thailand and India, the canines receive meticulous training before joining the ranks of the Canine Unit.

The Royal Bhutan Police Canine Unit remains a steadfast guardian of peace and security in our nation. With their unparalleled skills, these dedicated dogs stand as a symbol of unwavering commitment and serve as a beacon of hope, ensuring a safer Bhutan for all its citizens.

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