Indian PM Narendra Modi Accepts PM Tobgay’s Invitation to Visit Bhutan

In a significant development highlighting the enduring friendship between India and Bhutan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has graciously accepted an invitation extended by his Bhutanese counterpart, PM Tshering Tobgay, to visit the Himalayan kingdom next week. The announcement comes following a meeting between the two leaders in New Delhi on Thursday, where they reaffirmed their commitment to bolstering the special and unique ties shared between their nations.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs released a statement confirming Indian Prime Minister Modi’s acceptance of the invitation, stating, “On behalf of the King of Bhutan, PM Tshering Tobgay extended invitation to Prime Minister Modi to visit Bhutan next week. Prime Minister accepted the invitation.” This forthcoming visit underscores the depth of the relationship and signifies a renewed commitment to further enhance bilateral cooperation.

During their meeting, Prime Minister Modi and his Bhutanese counterpart engaged in discussions covering a wide range of issues, including bilateral cooperation and regional and global matters of mutual interest. Both leaders expressed their keenness to explore avenues for collaboration across various sectors to benefit the people of both nations.

The longstanding ties between India and Bhutan are rooted in shared values, cultural affinity, and mutual respect. Over the years, the two countries have cooperated closely in areas such as hydroelectric power, trade, education, and infrastructure development, among others. Such collaboration has not only contributed to the socio-economic progress of Bhutan but has also reinforced regional stability and prosperity.

The upcoming visit by Prime Minister Modi is expected to further strengthen the multifaceted partnership between India and Bhutan. It provides an opportunity for both sides to deepen their engagement and chart a course for future cooperation in line with the aspirations of their peoples.

As preparations are underway for the Prime Minister’s visit, anticipation is high among the people of Bhutan who eagerly await the opportunity to welcome their esteemed guest. The visit is not only a testament to the close relationship between the leaders of India and Bhutan but also reflects the deep-rooted ties shared by the citizens of both countries.

In the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation, the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Modi to Bhutan is poised to elevate the India-Bhutan friendship to greater heights, ushering in a new era of collaboration and prosperity for the mutual benefit of both nations.

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