Indian SIM Cards now available for Bhutanese visiting India

Bhutanese visiting India will now be able to obtain Indian SIM cards during their stay in the country. India’s Ministry of Communications stated in a notification issued yesterday that this arrangement is being initiated for Bhutanese nationals visiting India.

Bhutanese citizens visiting India can obtain Indian SIM cards and access mobile connections if the individuals provide valid proof of their identity.

India’s Ministry of Communications has said that a citizenship certificate, voter identification card, or a limited validity photo-identity certificate issued by the embassy of the respective countries will be accepted as valid proof. However, Bhutanese nationals entering India from a country other than that of their origin must provide a copy of their passport with a valid visa.

The mobile connections will be valid only up to a maximum period of three months at a time even if the maximum time permitted for them to remain in India or the validity of the visa is beyond three months.

Further, the ministry also stated that no international roaming shall be permitted on mobile connections provided to visitors from the two countries.

Previously, Bhutanese nationals visiting India had to face inconveniences in obtaining Indian SIM cards. Visitors from Bhutan could access Indian SIM cards only if they provided a passport with visa stamps.

However, Bhutanese citizens do not require a visa to travel to India. They had to rely on Indian citizens possessing Indian Aadhar Cards to obtain SIM cards during their stay in India.

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