Integrated vegetable shed in Gelephu likely to miss fourth deadline

The vegetable vendors in Gelephu have to wait for some more time to get the new integrated shed. It has been more than two years since the construction of the integrated vegetable shed in Gelephu began. The contractor has already missed three deadlines and the shed is supposed to be complete by next month. But according to Gelephu Thromde, the contractor might miss the fourth deadline as well.

Today, the contractor has completed the structure. Partition and roofing works are currently ongoing.

The construction of the shed started in 2021 and was supposed to be completed by the beginning of last year. But the Thromde extended the deadline three times after the contractor failed to complete it on time.

“For now, only 50 per cent of the work is completed. As per the time extension agreement, they should complete the work by next month. We gave time extension three times. If he fails to complete the work next month, there is a risk that he will be fined,” said Tshering Norbu, Gelephu Thrompon.

It is not known when the construction will be completed, but once complete, the new shed will have 64 compartments.

The two-storied vegetable shed is being constructed spending Nu 44 M under small grant project funded by the Government of India.

According to the contractor, the works were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the payment schedule between the contractor and the Thromde among other reasons. A payment schedule refers to the dates on which payments will be made.

The site supervisor Ganesh Tamang of Chukha Construction Private Limited said the Thromde and the contractor had signed an agreement whereby the Thromde will release the fund after the contractor completes a certain portion of work. This, he said hampers the work progress.

“The problem is with the payment schedule. We have requested Thromde to change it. We are still proposing it but they are not helping us. That has affected. Moreover, the area is congested as we have an entrance from one side. There is a big drain behind the site and the FCB area in the front. We don’t have a place to store the materials.”

As the new shed is not completed, the vegetable vendors continue to sell from the old vegetable shed. It has been some decades since this old shed was constructed.

Vendors say they are using tarpaulin sheets to protect the vegetables and fruits from the rain and the sun.

“The new vegetable shed will be better. Out here, the vegetables get damaged,” said Towla, a vegetable vendor.

“I feel it will be comfortable at the new place. Out here we have a problem. When it rains, rainwater seeps through the shed. To protect the vegetables and fruits from sun and wind, we have to put additional tarpaulin. We have to change it once a year. In the new shed, we don’t have to do so,” said Bishnu Maya Tamang, another vegetable vendor.

Gelephu Thromde plans to convert the current vegetable market into a parking space after the new integrated vegetable shed is complete.

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