Ka Ja Throm opens in Phuentshogling

From Thimphu to Paro and now in Phuentshogling. The residents of the country’s commercial hub got themselves a Ka Ja Throm. The Ka Ja Throm was inaugurated and opened to the public yesterday. Initiated upon the Royal Command, and as a gift from His Majesty The King to the people of Phuentshogling, the Ka Ja Throm is expected to help revive the town’s local economy.

Located on the rooftop of the Multi-Level Car Parking in Phuentshogling, the new Ka Ja Throm offers a vibrant and lively experience for all visitors. It has an open-air stage along with various food and drinks units managed by DeSuups from the DeSuung Skilling Programme.

“One will not get the regular food and drinks that are available in various town areas. Here we have good food and drinks, and this is not to compete with local businesses here. Rather it is to bring in more regional tourists and help boost the local economy,” said Uttar Kumar Rai, the Phuentshogling Thrompon.

And unlike other Ka Ja Throms, he added that Phuentshogling’s Ka Ja Throm is primarily for entertainment.

“Since we don’t have many places for international visitors to hang out, we thought of making our Ka Ja Throm only for entertainment purposes. This will also help in attracting more regional and foreign tourists,” added the Thrompon.

Moreover, it is also expected to help achieve Phuentshogling Thromde’s aim of making the town an entertainment hub of the country.

As part of the inauguration event, the Phuentshogling Thromde also kept the Pedestrian Terminal and the border gate open for 24 hours. Hundreds of locals and regional tourists attended the inauguration event yesterday.

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