Kerong Amtsho Detshen’s journey into mushroom farming

Mushroom cultivation is slowly gaining momentum in Pema Gatshel. From self-consumption to commercial purposes, villagers are turning to mushroom farming as a viable source of sustenance and income. Among them, a women-led farmer’s group in Chhokhorling Gewog’s Kerong village had ventured into mushroom cultivation, with their production meeting expectations.

After receiving training in January of this year, Kerong Amtsho Detshen started mushroom cultivation. They cultivate both oyster and shiitake mushrooms.

The group has sold over 50 kilogrammes of oyster mushrooms in Nganglam town. A kilogramme of the mushrooms fetched around Nu 200.

“We are proud of ourselves as we have cultivated the mushroom and we are harvesting it,” said Ugyen Wangmo, Chairperson of Kerong Amtsho Detshen.

With growing demand in the community and no market issues, the group plans to expand their farm.

“We have been receiving orders. Currently, we are not able to meet the demand. For now, we only have 390 bags of spawn but we are planning to increase to over 1,000 bags.”

The shiitake mushrooms are also expected to be ready for harvest in a few months’ time.

The group, consisting of eight members, started mushroom cultivation with support from RENEW, the United Nations Development Programme, and other agencies.

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