Land development benefits Trashi Yangtse farmers

In Trashi Yangtse, land development works have not only made agricultural fields accessible to farm machinery but also improved crop yield. The work, which was initiated in 2019 has been successful according to the beneficiaries. After it was carried out in most of the gewogs, it is now being replicated in other gewogs as well. The work is done by respective gewog offices, free of charge.

Through land development work, an excavator reshapes narrow and steep land into bigger and gentler fields. As the size of terraces are much bigger now, operating power tillers has become convenient.

This has in turn reduced the number of people required to carry out agricultural work. Works are ongoing in Yangtse and Jamkhar Gewogs these days.

“The paddy production has increased to almost 12 quintals from around seven quintals in the past. Moreover, we only need around 10 to 11 workers in the field now compared to 15 to 16 workers before. That way farm works have become very convenient now,” said Dechen Tobgay, Bayling Tshogpa.

“This is the first time I am trying the method but many people who availed the service last year in my village said that their paddy harvest was much better. So, we are also hoping that we would be benefitted in a similar manner and the gewog has accordingly allocated budget for it,” said Gembo, a resident of Bayling.

The gewog is now planning to start similar works in other chiwogs as well.

“People wanted their land reshaped as it increases crop production. So, we have accordingly planned to carry out similar works in as many paddy fields as possible in all five chiwogs, aiming at making agricultural work less labour-intensive,” said Gempo, Yangtse Gup.

Currently, around 24 acres of paddy fields have been developed in Yangtse Gewog. Similar works were carried out in Bumdeling, Ramjar, Khamdang and Yalang Gewogs.

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