Lhotsham community gathers to celebrate Lunar New Year

The Lhotsham community in Tsirang started the Lunar New Year with the spirit of unity. Transcending both time and culture, the Lhotsham community in the district, for the first time, came together to celebrate the Daw Dhangpai Losar or the Lunar New Year which is usually widely celebrated by people of the east, west and central parts of the country. Manifesting peace, prosperity and unity, Lhotsham communities in a few other southern districts also celebrated the Losar this time for the first time.

On the first day of the first month of the Wood Male Dragon year, over seven hundred Lhotshampas including youths from Tsirang gathered at Tsholingkhar Gewog Lhakhang to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

People from Tsirang including a group from Sarpang showcased various cultural and entertainment performances to celebrate the day.

Tsirang Lam Neten and Tsirang Dzongda graced the event. A few other officials from the Tsirang District Administration and regional offices also attended the celebrations.

To mark the celebrations, some individuals took the initiative to prepare authentic Bhutanese and distinct Lhotshampa dishes for the gathering.

Attendees say the day brought them immense happiness and a sense of unity.

“I was excited when I heard that the Lhotsham community will celebrate the Daw Dhangpai Losar for the first time. So, I feel it is a real treat and a blessing to be here celebrating the Losar with my fellow Lhotshampas,” said Mani Maya Tamang, a resident.

“All people gathered here came from different places to celebrate and witness the event. We all came together to have fun. Through events of such kind, we come to know about our country’s rich tradition and culture,” said Rinchen Dolma Tamang, another resident.

Tsholingkhar Gewog’s Lam and a few individuals from the district have initiated the event.

“To date, Lhotsham communities haven’t celebrated festivities such as the Daw Chunyipa and Daw Dhangpai Losar. It is to encourage communities and individuals in the district to come together and know each other better,” said Milan Lama, a coordinator.

“Daw Dhangpai Losar generally known as Gyalpoi Losar is also celebrated for the first time in few other Lhotsham districts like Sarpang, Dagana, and Chhukha this year. The Losar is also celebrated by Lhotsham families residing in Thimphu,” said Lhawang Dorji Tamang, Tsholingkhar Gewog Lam.

Henceforth, the Lhotsham communities in the district will continue celebrating the Daw Dhangpai Losar every year like rest of the regions.

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