mBoB integrated with Bhutan NDI

The Bank of Bhutan’s mBoB app becomes the first app among the financial institutions to be integrated with the Bhutan NDI app. However, users expressed frustration over the requirement for an additional login option, citing concerns over convenience and security. Users also say the integration has no added benefits.

Bhutan NDI is a mobile application, where users’ authenticated digital credentials are stored.

According to the Bhutan NDI project, financial inclusion will be an important aspect of the NDI-BOB integration.

Currently, the integration lets users login into mBoB without having to enter password.

“So, it complements the BOB’s app and it makes it more secure, and it also makes sure that the person is using that app is the person who is supposed to use BOB. We again add on to the security that preexists with mBoB and make sure that there is a right person and having access to their own account,” said Anand Acharya, Project Manager of Project Development in Bhutan NDI.

According to the BOB, this new feature offers users greater flexibility and convenience in accessing their banking services.

However, users can still login using their m-pins.

When the Bank of Bhutan and Bhutan NDI announced the integration on their social media pages, yesterday, people wrote comments about the inconvenience of it and questioned the added benefits of dual login.

However, the NDI project office said that users will get several banking services from Bhutan NDI’s integration with mBoB in the coming months.

One of the upcoming features is to enable users to open bank accounts by sharing foundational information stored on the Bhutan NDI app without having to visit the bank in person.

In a written statement, the Bank of Bhutan said that while the security measures provided by mBoB is secure, the integration of NDI also offers standardised and trusted identity verification process, further safeguarding user data and transactions.

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